Initiated by Jacques M. Chevalier and Daniel Buckles at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) and Michelle Bourassa at the University of Ottawa, the SAS2 project spaned 10 years (2003 to 2013) of creative conceptual and methodological experimentation. Thanks to a series of grants from Canada's International Development Research Centre  (IDRC), organizations and colleagues on five continents contributed in various ways and at various times to development a novel approach to engaged research, using the project title SAS2 (for Social Analysis Systems2) as a temporary label. During this period, community members, professional in many fields, university students and faculty, working with the authors and on their own, took part in hundreds of short and longer term action-oriented inquiries into a wide range of topics meaningful to the people involved. These were combined with more than 150 capacity-building workshops involving thousands of people in about twenty-five countries. Results were consolidated in three books and this website.

Key collaborators during the development phase were the Academy of Development Sciences and DRCSC (India), LIBIRD (Nepal), UBINIG (Bangladesh), UNA and Zamorano (Honduras), CEBEM and EMPRENDE (Bolivia), CESSO (Chile), the University for Peace (Costa Rica), Efficience International, the Collectif des Savoirs Apprenants, The Ginger Group Collaborative, Canada World Youth, and South House Exchange (Canada). We gratefully acknowledge the enthusiasm and creative contributions of these committed practitioners and their organizations.